Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment

Our client base in the hospitality, sports and entertainment industries is diverse. We represent hospitality, sports and entertainment clients — authors, event venues, filmmakers, restaurants and foodservice providers, hotels, internet travel sites, management companies, sports teams, retailers, meeting planners, musicians and other entertainers — in a range of legal needs.

Our team brings a broad array of counseling, transactional and litigation experience to every matter we undertake. Our goal is to offer cost-effective, sound advice to ensure that your deals are successful and disputes are avoided down the road. If an issue does arise, we work to reach a resolution that keeps your reputation and relationships intact. We are seasoned trial lawyers who are confident in the courtroom or any dispute resolution setting. We also have considerable experience representing industry clients in regulatory compliance and investigations.

Our team advises clients on crafting business transactions that serve them best today while also framing deals to avoid expensive disputes in the future. This can also be accompanied by looking at policies for business insurance and seeing how this can help them as their business develops over time. By drawing upon our extensive industry expertise, we craft strategic plans that suit each client’s individual needs. We counsel on reducing the risk and expense of litigation through carefully drafted agreements and, should a dispute arise, reducing litigation costs through electronic discovery policies, risk management and alternate dispute resolution.

Representative Matters

  • Negotiated and drafted agreement between documentary filmmaker.
  • Negotiated and drafted management and lease agreements for multisite urban meeting and entertainment center.
  • Settled substantial tax dispute for major developer involving multimillion dollar portfolio of properties in vicinity of casino projects on Philadelphia waterfront.
  • Represented musician in connection with brand management and contract negotiations.
  • Advised internet travel site on array of commercial, online business, insurance, trademark, and vendor issues.
  • Represented gourmet food distributor in purchase of competing vendor.
  • Defended major retailer in multiple cases arising out of online sales.
  • Served as arbitrator in dispute over sale of multiple casinos in Las Vegas.
  • Represented major league sports team in dispute with group of season ticketholders over terms and conditions on ticket subscriptions.
  • Represented co-working venue on multiple issues involving employees, customer contracts, partnership agreements, foodservice contracts and leases on several sites.
  • Advised ultra-luxury goods supplier to high end hospitality venues on agreements with hotels, resorts, retailers and spas.